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About our name:DEADWOOD DICK

To find out about the lore of Deadwood Dick
from an article in the "Deadwood Magazine," click here.

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Deadwood Dicks

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Mary and Dave started Deadwood Dicks in 1989 just before legalized gaming returned to Deadwood. It's conveniently
located just two blocks off historic Main Street and less than a block from the new Deadwood Mountain Grand Concert Hall.

This mom-and-pop shop serves up beer, wine, soft drinks and smoothies in the eatery, "The Deadwood Loading Dock,"
plus there is gambling, antique shopping along with a hotel. Grab Mike or Kathleen to help with drinks and food; Dave,
Mary or Cindy for the slots and the t-shirts. And they also will be glad to help you with the antiques or the suites and hotel rooms.

Deadwood Dicks is located in the W.E. Adams buildings on Sherman Street in downtown Deadwood. Originally built in
the late 1800s, this historic landmark building was the original site of the W.E. Adams grocery warehouse. An old
European style Otis elevator with gated doors (almost the original) accesses the rooms and suites upstairs.

Deadwood Dick's has a few fun slots in the bar. Although they are few, they do pay out often!!

The famous Deadwood Dick logo, which has been around since the early 80's, was created by local artist Danny Miller.
This logo adorns hats, t-shirts, condoms, and other merchandise. It is one of the most popular logos Deadwood has ever seen.

Deadwood Dicks is open seven days a week. Hours have been known to vary depending on the day of the week,
time of year, weather, and the disposition of the proprietors.


Photos from the Kool Deadwood Nites Event. It is a blast from the past! To see a few of the cars in the parade, click here.

"Deadwood Dick" portrayed by Jim Norris in the Days of 76 Parade.