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50,000 WINNER!!


It has been a long time since ol' Wild Bill Hickok took his last breath at the Poker tables in Deadwood holding the
infamous Deadman's Hand of black aces and eights. Since November 1st of 1989 gaming has been reinstituted in
Deadwood and Deadwood Dick's Saloon was one of the original 13 Gaming Halls to open. Now in the 20th year, live
blackjack, poker and slot machines are all legal in Deadwood with bet limits up to $1000.
Deadwood Dick's is probably the smallest gaming hall in town.

Although there are just a couple of slot machines located in the bar area, Deadwood Dick's has tried to keep a variety
of the real favorites. One is the popular Reel Winners Instant Spin Penny slot. Also a favorite The Top Dollar
reel type machine. New into Deadwood Dicks lineup is the Double 3X4X5X Times Pay. They all take tokens or bills.

Recent winners are:
Sandee from Nebraska pictured above winning 50,000. Well, was 50,000 pennies but $500 is a nice jackpot
for a hotel guest!

During Kool Deadwood Nites, Jesse from the Spinners was a winner! Look at that happy face.

$1000 winners!! A group effort.

At the Rally, the machines are hot! Just ask Bruce.

Another $250.00 on the SPIN-TO-WIN Quarter Slot.

Local winner, Lisa.

Betcha this Deadwood Dick's hotel guest is happy!

He just won $250.00 on the SPIN-TO-WIN Quarter Slot.

So come on in and give lady luck a chance...who knows, you could go home a winner!! And remember, you have to play to win.