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Homestake Souvenir Plate:


Dated 1954, VERNON KILNS, USA, MEASURES 10 1/2" across.

Has the Homestake Mine on the front in color. The back of the plate has the history of the Homestake Mine.

Nice condition.

$150.00. Price includes Priority Mail Shipping.


Homestake Award Key Chain:


1 1/2" LONG BY 3/4" WIDE, TOTAL LENGTH WITH CLIP IS 3 3/4" LONG. Has the Homestake Logo on it plus US1910. Plain gold on the back.

I believe these were given out as safety rewards to the miners at HMC.

$55.00 Price includes Priority Mail Shipping.



Homestake Sand Casting Pattern Form:

This piece of Homestake Mining Company Sand Casting Pattern was owned by Kevin Costner for decor enhancement to be used at the Dunbar Resort in historic Deadwood, South Dakota, and subsequently sold at auction. These forms were handcrafted out of wood and were used to make sand molds for the Homestake Foundry. Black painted patterns were used for parts made of iron. This is a unique piece of history from the world famous Homestake Gold Mine in Lead, South Dakota, aging 60-100 years old. This piece is a large wooden wheel and it is about 29" in diameter. The hole in the center has a diameter of 4 7/8" and it is 7" thick. It is mostly black with some wood-grain showing through. The back is painted black. It has three pegs in the back and looks like they may be interchangeable. It comes complete with the card pictured front and back explaining sand casting patterns and the auction bill on the back.

WHAT A GREAT CONVERSATION PIECE! This could make a unique table with a base and glass on the top of it.

$450.00 Includes FREE Shipping.















We still have a great selection of the unique Sand Casting Patterns from the Homestake Mining Company. These patterns are made from wood and were used to make a sand mold for casting at the Homestake Foundry. Highly skilled craftsmen meticulously made all the patterns for metal parts needed by the mine and its ancillary facilities. These pieces were purchased by Kevin Costner for décor enhancement at the Dunbar Resort and subsequently sold at auction. Each pattern comes with a certificate of authenticity with a copy of the auction bill on the back as shown here in the photos.

Included in our mining memorabilia, we carry miners lunch pails and helmets, gold pans, cap crimpers, carbide lamps, oil wick lamps, candlesticks and a wide variety of blasting cap tins. We also have Homestake Mining Company books and pamphlets.


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